This Is For Both NEW & CURRENT Cleaning Business Owners Who Want To Grow Their Commercial Cleaning Business & Get Leads On Autopilot

Start And Scale Your Commercial Cleaning Business


By building an in-house client acquisition system to get clients every month and using sub-contractors to do the cleaning, operating like a middle person who collects 40% ongoing profits every single month, building a portfolio of contracts that profit recurring revenue.

(even if you have no skills, no time, no experience or no cleaners)

  • You will be able to get new recurring commercial cleaning contracts every month (Get leads on autopilot)

  • You will never run out of cleaners, by having sub-contractors on standby ready to work

  • You will be able to scale WITHOUT wasting millions in trial & error and opportunity loss by scaling right away with a proven system

  • You will be the go-to choice (win contracts without being the cheapest) by using a proven sales process & credibility DFY

  • Have a business that works for you while you sleep and never work a 9-5 again, it only takes 4-12 months to make enough to never work again

Systematic Process To Growing a 7-Figure Commercial Cleaning Business (DONE-WITH-YOU)

After Many Trials & Errors, a strict process must be followed in order to succeed...

1-High Business Credibility To Be The Go-To Choice

2-Get Consistent Leads On Autopilot Each Week

3-Close The Contracts With a High Closing Rate

4-Have Cleaners On Standby Ready To Clean Your Contracts

5-Automate, Collect Recurring Profits And Repeat

About Rick Brown, Founder of Cleaning Launch

I started Mastery Cleaning late 2016 and grew to over 5m in revenue by closing big ongoing commercial cleaning contracts, and using subcontractors to do the work. After creating a business that worked for me, I realized that other cleaning owners were stuck cleaning with no knowledge of the true potential of the business or simply didn't know how to get contracts. Due to all the people asking for help, I then created Cleaning Launch, to help other cleaning owners achieve the same results because I already built all the systems, sops and by working 1:1, they could just copy the wheel that's proven to work.

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  • Over 35 video trainings & live coaching call videos

  • Facebook Group with like minded cleaning business owners

  • Get my free pre-built website template

  • Get my 19 page business plan pdf

I will show exactly how I went from a sub-contractor and house cleaner, to growing a 120k Per Month Commercial Cleaning Business by using sub-contractors

Why This Is Something For You...

You will be able to get your own recurring commercial cleaning contracts every month with our proven system, while having sub-contractors on standby, doing the work for you

We worked with hundreds of cleaning owners, many startups with zero skills or experience, with thousands of buildings in your city, you are guaranteed to close contracts

You will get multiple leads a week, around the 3rd week, with a 35% closing rate. So you will grow right away, without wasting years doing it alone

We have done all the heavy work that took years and millions in errors. So you will grow with as little effort as possible, by only working 5-10 hours a week.

Results & Testimonials

We have worked with hundreds of cleaning companies with a consistent track record over the last 5 years.

Patrick S, owner of QCC Quality Cleaning Control

"I was completely new to the cleaning industry and after struggling for over a year, I decided to work with the expert, my whole business was completely setup properly by Rick's team and thanks to his sales rep I was able to get 1-2 contracts for the last 9 months"

Tyrone B, owner of NYC Janitorial Services

"My company was already doing 45 thousand a month and thanks to Rick, we were able to add additional leads channels and we grew to 64k a month after five months of joining, I work less and make money, best thing I ever done"

Sarah H, owner of IQ Office Cleaning Experts

"We started as a residential cleaning business doing 3-4k a month and after working with Rick, we were able to acquire 7 commercial accounts in 4 months, without any money spent on marketing"

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We have a proven track record in scaling cleaning companies

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